If you are experiencing the same audio and video on both TV’s this problem is typically caused by the TV being on the wrong channel, a misconfigured remote, or a shared tuner.

Try these steps to help you fix this issue;

  1. On your DISH remote, press and release the SAT button.
  2. Press the RED COLOR button or the OPTIONS button to view the TV activity screen. If only one tuner shows the program that is visible on both TVs, you are sharing a tuner.


To watch separate programs, you will need to select another tuner, possibly stopping a recording to free the tuner for use. Alternatively, you may watch previously recorded events or On Demand.

  1. Preform a Power Reset on your receiver, by Unplugging the receiver from the power outlet for 10 seconds, and then plug it back in.

If problem persists, Please call Superior Satellite 208-426-9800

Category: Residential DISH Network