If you are seeing any of these error codes, your receiver is having trouble ordering a DIRECTV cinema or Pay Per View title with your remote control.

To order Pay Per View movies and events with your remote control, your receiver must be connected to the internet or a land-based phone line. if your receiver isn’t connected, you can still order your movie or event online.

You can order Pay Per View events up to 12 days in advance. (Check this – (https://www.directv.com/sports-events) for sports) (Check This – (https://www.directv.com/movies) for the latest Hollywood releases with DirecTV Cinema)

Ordering with your remote

If your receiver is connected to the internet or a land line, you can order right from your TV screen. Do one of the following:

  1. Pay Per View: Press the MENU button on your remote, and then On Demand.
  2. Movies: Go to Ch. 1100.
  3. Select the title you want to watch.
  4. Follow the prompts to confirm your purchase.

If you have a problem ordering, Please call Superior Satellite 208-426-9800

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