Bulk provides a low entry-level price point for property owners and keeps the programming packages consistent with what's available today for single-family homes.

Bulk Option allows property owners to receive a discounted subscription rate with an investment in AT&T service for each unit.

Pre-Loaded Option is an "Instant on" solution giving residents immediate access to AT&T (DirecTV) television programming as soon as they move in. Equipment remains in each unit, allowing properties to be monitored remotely, so servicing them will be easier than more cost-effective.

AT&Ts Bulk Service Solution

Bulk Service solutions will transform all properties, reduce servicing costs and provide a premium TV experience for all residents.

Property Owner Benefits:

Property Owner Benefits:

  • Centralized distribution system makes access to AT&T service available to 100% of the property. NO more individual dishes needed.
  • Clean - up of property, all existing dishes will be removed and consolidated.
  • Provide residents with "Instant-On" amenity with the latest digital bulk technology solution.
  • No Resident Credit Check Required.
  • AT&T is a premium amenity. Owner can choose to cover some or all of the monthly TV Service in your rent or service fees.
  • HD Free with ability to add DVR Service and Premium Channels
  • Residents have more flexible, cost-effective programming choices. Residents who sign up for additional programming options directly from AT&T, with separate billing. Owner will not be billed for resident upgrades.
  • Worry-free service and maintenance for the duration of agreement.

Resident Benefits:

  • Access to over 200 full-time HD Channels, Advanced product services, exclusive sports programming and premium add-on services.
  • No Contract Required with included equipment setup: switching is quick and easy.
  • Fast & hassle-free stand professional installation.
  • No Individual dish required and no equipment to buy.
  • Access to exclusive sports programming.